Powerful Advanced Mineral Locating Technology

Geo-Explorations equipment has some of the most advanced engineered technology available to the mineral locating industry. Our goal is to put you on target to where your best mineral values are located. Surveying in remote areas with the GSI 8000.

Drilling Services

Using our GSI 8000 Passive Magnetic Resonance Subsurface Exploration instrumentation and our Induced Polarization instrumentation. We are capable of showing you where your best mineral signatures are located be it, Platinum, Rhodium, Gold, Silver, Copper and Uranium but not only limited to these elements. We have a Simco 2800 drill rig mounted on a 2006’ F-550 4×4 with a 500′ depth capability. This rig is set up for exploratory drilling by using air drilling we can identify the material changes and catch the cuttings at desired depth to have those materials assayed.

Mineral Locating Services

Surveying the copper mine and the old German gold mine while also searching for possible cache from the 1987 revolutionary war on the island Bougainville, Papua New Guinea.

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Claim Staking Services and Mineral Property Sales

We also provide claim staking and filling services. Many times after a mineral locating survey is complete it is evident that additional claims are needed to incorporate the latest discoveries we are glad to provide those services also. We ocassionally have proven mineral properties for sale so be sure to check on what we have available.

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Mineral Locating Surveys

Our surveys provide Topographical mapping of the desired minerals capable of showing the strike, dip, width and height of the pay area. Providing precise areas to do further mineral exploration such as drilling and sampling.


We have a Simco 2800 drill rig mounted on a 2006’ F-550 4×4 allowing us to get in tight areas for geothermal drilling and mineral exploration capable of core drilling and or air drilling catching determined depth cuttings for sampling.

Claim Staking and Sales

We also do Claim Staking and filing once your Mineral survey is complete you may want to expand your claim holdings.

We also at times have proven mineral claims available for purchase.

Our Area of Expertise

Our primary expertise is the application of the technology what is known as Passive Magnetic Resonance Subsurface Exploration. AKA P.M.R.S.E. this technology derives from the discoveries that Nikola Tesla hade made with resonate frequencies. The Russian’s coined the Phrase P.M.R.S.E. through there research and development in the employment of this technology for mineral locating. The Canadians were the next group to advance upon this technology employing it also for mineral exploration. Geo-Explorations has made discoveries that allows us to provide a more precise pinpoint of those same Passive Magnetic signatures. The technique enables us a much more efficient application of the principles with more desirable results.

The P.M.R.S.E. technology does not provide values it only provides where the desired mineral elements are located and the length, width, height & depth. Once the exact locations have been identified it gives us locations to further employ Geophysical instrumentation to verify the deposits existence and depths along with data values indicating conductive and non conductive signatures thus enables us to provide for you the highest concentrations of the desired minerals sought after. For the most part our clients prefer to just have the P.M.R.S.E. survey done without further employment of the other Geophysical instruments simply because they are already positioned to drill and obtain samples that way. Ultimately drilling and or excavation sampling is the procedure that will give the actual values as to whether or not they are of commercial value on your sought after minerals. It is our job to put you on target for those minerals.